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Gift Kit - Tulip Forcing Kit (Large)


Tulips Forcing Kit! (5 Bulbs in a Terracotta Pot) We love these gift sets because they brighten up the house or patio the second they arrive and are planted. Visitors will say "I love that pot, where did you get it?"  A few weeks later, as the...

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Crinum Mrs. James Hendry - Large


Contact to be on the waiting list for this product. Please see the pictures to get a GENERAL idea of the size difference between a regular and jumbo sized Crinum 'Mrs. James Hendry.'  Jumbo bulbs are 1) quicker in their...

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Crinum x 'Burbank's White Queen'


Crinum ‘Burbank’s White Queen’ has been one of my favorite bulbs at the farm.  It has one massive, beautiful display in the spring—be sure to look at the pictures.  All on it’s own in a wide open field, it has...

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