Daffodil 'Carlton' - bulbs


'Carlton' is our best chance for a large, repeating, yellow trumpet shaped daffodil. Middle to upper-South residents enjoy this bulb year after year. It rings the nostalgic "daffodil" note that so many long for in their gardens. Plant with 'Ice Follies'...

Daffodil 'Geranium' - bulbs


This lovely Narcissus really draws the eye with the contrast of white petals and an orange center. Each stem has 3-6 flowers. It shows up in late April to early May to help carry your daffodil color into the next month.    Plant the bulbs...

Daffodil 'Ice Follies' - bulbs


Beautiful white petals with large yellow cups. An old friend once told me that 'Ice Follies' looks good by itself, and so does 'Carlton' but when you put the two together you get the show of a lifetime. That person was right. 'Ice Follies' is one of the...

Daffodil 'W.P. Milner' - bulbs


We are very often asked for naturalizing Narcissus that still retain more a traditional trumpet daffodil shape. W.P. Milner helps us bridge that gap! This mid 19th century introduction has pale yellow flowers that fade to white. Like many of our...

Daffodil 'Tete-a-Tete' - bulbs


This lovely Narcissus is a miniature that will only grow to 6-8" tall. This makes it perfect for boarders, pots, even rock gardens. It makes a glorious stand around the outer edge of a deciduous tree since in blooms before the tree produces it leaves...

Daffodil 'Accent' - bulbs


 The Narcissus ‘Accent’ bulb provides your garden with a unique bloom. The star-shaped white petals surround an apricot frilly center.  These large bulbs produce massive blooms at  3+ inches across. Consider planting these...

Sprekelia formosissima sp. 'Aztec Lily' - 2 bulbs


This bulb can bloom sporadically, so it is best to have a few.  It will, however, propagate quite quickly and you'll have more a few years after planting. Sprekelia is often known as the Aztec lily.  It is in the amaryllis family, and perhaps...

Daffodil 'British Gamble' - bulbs


The Narcissus ‘British Gamble’ bulb provides your garden with a unique bloom. The star-shaped white petals surround a white frilly trumpet center that is edged with apricot color.  These large bulbs produce massive blooms at 4-5" inches...

Polianthes tuberosa 'Tuberose' - Four 4" pots


My first remembrance of tuberoses (Polianthes tuberosa) was when I visited a friend in Houston. They had them growing in pots as well as in the ground by their pool. I couldn't believe the sweet fragrance that filled the summer air. Ever since that...

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Old Fashioned Heirloom Purple Bearded Iris - 5 Tubers


  This is the old fashioned heirloom purple colored German bearded iris that is a close cousin to Iris albicans. We believe it to be the variety Iris 'William A. Setchell'.  An old name for this bulb is Iris germanica "Purple Iris."...

Hardy Amaryllis Bulb (Hippeastrum x johnsonii) - 1 bulb


Hippeastrum x johnsonii Many amaryllis perform well along the coastal regions, but few match this bulb in its ability to withstand cold temperatures and poor soils. One of the most exciting and underutilized garden bulbs is the hardy amaryllis...

Hymenocallis acutifolia - 1 bulb


Hymenocallis acutifolia is similar to the tropical giant but has more pointed leave and blooms in late summer through the fall in the Southern United States.  The white, spidery blooms measure almost 1 foot from tip to tip and sit atop the...

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