White Spider Lily (Lycoris albiflora) - 2 bulbs


Lycoris albiflora - White Spider Lily This is the true white spider lily that you have been waiting for!  The white spider lilies (Lycoris albiflora) are often seen blooming at the same time and in the same regions as the red spider lily...

Electric Blue Spider Lily (Lycoris sprengeri) - 3 bulbs


The Lycoris sprengeri is often called the "Electric Blue Spider Lily." Depending on where you plant this bulb and the temperatures the color of the bloom will change. The blooms vary from pink to blue to almost purple on the edges. These lovely...

Naked Lady (Lycoris squamigera) - 2 bulbs


Call these Naked Ladies, Surprise Lilies, Magic Lilies, or Resurrection Lilies. You will be shocked in August when these large trumpet blooms open for you. My original stock came from an old turn-of-the-century home in Northeast Louisiana. The home was...

Oxblood Lily or "Schoolhouse Lily" - 4 bulbs


One summer morning, the family group text string began dinging notifications with pictures of nephews and nieces starting school! It seemed so early, but then I realized September was only a few weeks away, and that meant it was almost time for the...

Blood Lily (Scadoxus multiflorus) - 3 bulbs


Hey, Houston! Hey, Florida! Hey, Gulf Coast cities! This is the bulb for you. If you want a bulb that you can stick in the ground that doesn't require a lot of attention and produce some amazingly unique blooms at the beginning of summer, the "Blood...

Double Orange Daylily - 5 Fleshy Roots


Have you ever been overwhelmed by the amount of daylily varieties on the market and wondered about their ability to survive in YOUR garden? The thought crosses your mind that all you really want is the one that does so well in so many of the country...

Gladiolus byzantinus 'Byzantine Gladiolus' - 3 bulbs


One of the best performers in April is the true heirloom Byzantine gladiolus (Gladiolus byzantinus). This bulb (technically, it is called a corm) can be used to spruce up ditches and other hard-to-garden areas. Great color and texture combinations...

White Ginger Lily - 3 rhizomes


There are several names for the "White Ginger Lily". See which one you have heard...Hedychium consanguineum, Hedychium coronarium, 'White Butterfly', Garland Flower, Hardy Ginger Lily, Hardy White Butterfly Ginger Lily, White Butterfly Ginger Lily, White...

Caladium 'Pinky Swear' - 3 tubers


 June is a fun time of year! Different crinum and rain lilies continue to pop into bloom, but the staples that keep texture and color all the time right now are our caladiums.  I've come to appreciate their function and form and what it brings...

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