Gift Kit - Paperwhites Forcing Kit (Large)


Paperwhites Forcing Kit! (5 Bulbs in a terracotta pot) A unique and lovely gift for everyone. This kit is has everything one needs to have beautiful indoor fresh flowers during the cold months. Plant the bulbs near the surface of the soil and water...

Gift Kit - Tulip Forcing Kit (Large)


Tulips Forcing Kit! (5 Bulbs in a Terracotta Pot) We love these gift sets because they brighten up the house or patio the second they arrive and are planted. Visitors will say "I love that pot, where did you get it?"  A few weeks later, as the...

Crinum Mrs. James Hendry (Jumbo) - 1 bulb


One of our Favorite Crinums   The Name: Crinum 'Mrs. James Hendry' is one of our favorite crinums.  I've tried calling it MJH or just Hendry (with a hard "d"), but for some reason I continue to call her by the full name 'Mrs. James Hendry',...

Crinum 'Bradley' (Jumbo) - 1 bulb


  After years in propagation at The Southern Bulb Company, we're proud to continue to offer very healthy bulbs to our customers. The Crinum 'Bradley' opens wide her petals to unfurl in a pink masterpiece. The fragrance is subtly pleasing,...

Crinum Elizabeth Traub


Contact to be on the waiting list for this product. Crinum 'Elizabeth Traub' is a 1930's hybrid with dark rose pink flowers and a white eye. It a large plant, with scapes sometime reaching well over 3 feet in length. Its best...

Crinum Rose Parade


Currently Unavailable Contact to be on the waiting list for this product. I started off with only a few bulbs of Crinum ‘Rose Parade’ from celebrated breeder and grower of crinums, Marcelle Shepard. It did not take long for them...

Crinum procerum splendens 'Queen Emma'


LARGE size with beautiful foliage!  Warning, this is a tropical bulb.  I have seen it grow in Dallas and Atlanta in protected areas, but it needs to be grown outside along the Gulf Coast or in a greenhouse.  Why would I want a bulb like...

Some of these products are available now, and some are not currently available. Many are simply out of stock for the season. We want to leave the information up so that you can look at the pretty pictures and are able to plan ahead in your garden. If there is something that is currently out of stock, please feel free to send an email to, and we will be glad to put your name on our waiting list.