Crinum Lilies

Crinum 'Stars and Stripes' - 1 bulb


The signature mark for many crinums is the dark pink, red, or burgundy line running down an otherwise solid white color. Crinum ‘Stars and Stripes’ celebrates this pattern in one of the most intense ways known to crinum hybrids. The blooms also have an...

Crinum Mrs. James Hendry - Regular


Order while supplies last. Contact to be on the waiting list for this product. Crinum 'Mrs. James Hendry'This repeat summer blooming crinum acts much like it's more common brother Milk and Wine lily crinums, blooming soon after a...

Crinum 'Milk & Wine Lily' (Jumbo) - 1 bulb


Milk and Wine Crinum This is one of the first crinums to bloom every summer. If the early summer is cool, the 2-3 bloom spikes each bulb sends up will each look good for a couple weeks.  This gives almost a month of white dark pink striped blooms...

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Crinum 'Bradley' (Regular) - 1 bulb


  Crinum 'Bradley' proudly opens wide her petals to unfurl in a pink masterpiece. The fragrance is nice and the display stunning. After five years in propagation at The Southern Bulb Company, we're proud to offer very healthy bulbs to our customers...

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Crinum 'Schreck' - 1 bulb


Crinum 'Schreck' is very similar to our other variety of Crinum Milk and Wine (Crinum x herbertii) with all of the good qualities but with four or five times as many blooms on each stalk! Typically, as these Crinums bloom each summer they will send up an...

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Amarcrinum howardii 1 Bulb


Amarcrinum howardii 1 Bulb Amarcrinum howardiiWhat happens when you cross a Crinum moorei with the beautiful Amaryllis belladonna? The result is a terrific summer blooming bulb for Southern gardens! Developed by and named for California plantsman Fred...

Crinum jagus - 1 jumbo bulb


- WARNING: Frost Tender Variety - Zones 6-8b or colder may harm bulb. Perhaps has the best foliage of all crinums, with an oversized attractive white bloom to add to its splendor. Very handsome in garden settings with extremely clean foliage that stands...

Crinums come in many different colors, bloom times, and bloom habits! Some are tropical while others are cold hardy to Zone 7. Enjoy this page and let us know if you have any questions!