Daffodils or Narcissus

Daffodil 'W.P. Milner' - bulbs


We are very often asked for naturalizing Narcissus that still retain more a traditional trumpet daffodil shape. W.P. Milner helps us bridge that gap! This mid 19th century introduction has pale yellow flowers that fade to white. Like many of our...

Heirloom 'Twin Sisters' - 10 bulbs


Narcissus x medioluteus March offers many opportunities for garden color, but as April approaches, daffodil blooms become scarce. One April blooming narcissus, N. x medioluteus (also called "Twin Sisters" or "April Beauty") affords the opportunity of...

Heirloom 'Grand Primo' - 10 bulbs


Narcissus tazetta 'Grand Primo' is a superstar from the Gulf Coast to the northern parts of the South, to California, and other warm climates. Vigorous, reliable, perennial all come to mind. Landscapers enjoy the bulb for its massive color impact, and...

Heirloom 'Incomparable' - bulbs


The "Incomparable" daffodil is known scientifically as Narcissus incomparabilis.  The elegance of these daffodils is unparalleled. Sometimes the overly large trumpets of some daffodils can be somewhat out of place in the garden.  Incomparabilis...

Heirloom 'Butter and Eggs' - 10 bulbs


     Heirloom Double Daffodils – Butter and Eggs and 3 Common Questions Answered What you need to know about double bloom daffodils and how heirloom double daffodils like “Butter and Eggs” stack up against some of...

Daffodil 'Hoop Petticoat' - 10 bulbs


Hoop Petticoats are loved by all for their beautiful form, but few realize the success this variety will offer. The form looks like an antebellum hoop petticoat. The cup is large and bell shaped and often faces down with the top of the bloom narrowing...