Fall Bulbs

Tulipa clusiana var. Chrysantha


Contact to be on the waiting list for this product. 'Chrysantha' tulip opens with a peach colored outer petal and beautifully unfurls into a curved star-shaped, rich-yellow colored bloom. Now I am a little bit of a bulb nut, so...

Tulipa clusiana var. Tubergens Gem


'Tubergen's Gem' is a jewel of a flower with a velvet like dark yellow and red yellow combination of petals. The Tubergen’s is another mid-to-late March bloomer along with the other tulips. Perhaps it has only a slightly different form and style from...

Tulipa clusiana 'Lady Jane'


  'Lady Jane' blooms in mid-March with a bold impact on the landscape shouting spring. It is one of our most sought after bulbs, and is normally thought of as a species tulip although its exact classification is not with the rest of the species...

Tulipa clusiana 'Tinka'


Contact to be on the waiting list for this product. The Tinka tulip and I have a four year history on the farm. While some bulbs have made it and some have not, I am glad to say that the ‘Tinka’ tulip has multiplied and...

Tulipa 'Van Eijk'


Dark pink-to-red mid-spring bloomer is sure to add "pop!" to your garden. Makes a terrific border or stand-alone display. Provides a lovely, single- year bloom (not perennial). Please note: this tulip requires 8-12 weeks of refrigeration!   Contact...

Narcissus x intermedius 'Texas Star'


Narcissus x intermedius 'Texas Star' has become a favorite around the Southern Bulb Co. The name says it all, as this uncommonly 'Texas tough' hybrid between a jonquil and a tazetta performs well on clays, sands, ditches and even dry ground. Although...

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Campernelle Mix - 10 bulbs!


Narcissus x odorus (Campernelles) and other Narcissus, in all sizes. Enjoy this fragrant medley of early spring blooming (February to March) yellow flowers! Full winter sun. Multiplies rapidly! Ships in brown paper bags saying "Row 11 Campernelle Mix"

Grand Primo Narcissus Mix - 10 bulbs!


The primary Narcissus in this mix is the robust 'Grand Primo'. It generally stays in bloom for over 3 weeks and has solid stalks with multiple thick white flowers with yellow centers. Other Narcissus are mixed in, such as the early blooming old-fashioned...

Old-Fashioned Paperwhites


Narcissus tazetta papyraceous  Old fashioned paperwhites bloom anytime from Thanksgiving to January across the Southern United States. Some years they are spectacular, and others they are not. Sometimes you'll be waiting for a bloom and a blue...

Amaryllis belladonna


ATTENTION: These bulbs only perform well in California! Do not try to grow them in any other state! The Amaryllis belladonna is a lovely, drought-resistant Amaryllis. It sends up naked stalks topped off by 6-12 trumpet-shaped blooms in summer through...

Narcissus 'Carlton'


'Carlton' is our best chance for a large, repeating, yellow trumpet shaped daffodil. Middle to upper-South residents enjoy this bulb year after year. It rings the nostalgic "daffodil" note that so many long for in their gardens. Plant with 'Ice Follies'...

Narcissus 'Fortune'


Brightly colored trumpet shaped blooms. I know why I like it. Have you ever been to the Dallas Arboretum in the spring time? Jimmy Turner has a great program called Dallas Blooms every March and April. It was when I was touring the arboretum with Jimmy...