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  • These pink rain lilies send 4-6 blooms throughout entire season following summer rains. Performs well in full sun to a quarter day sun (i.e. does well in a lot of areas)! Zones 7-10
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Habranthus Pink Rain Lily - 4" pot

Current Stock:
Habranthus robustus
4" pot
Planting Time:
Anytime (avoid freezes)
Shipping Period:
When Available
Bloom Period:
Bloom Size:
Planting Depth:
Full sun to part shade
Deer will eat when really hungry
Very Reliable

Product Description

Pink Rain Lilies in 4" Pot

Each pot contains 3-5 pink rain lilies (Habranthus robustus) and will be shipped in their pots. When box arrives, open and water immediately.  Habranthus robustus multiply quickly by seed or multiplication.

More about the Habranthus rain lily....What do you do on a date with a girl these days? Movies are so expensive, or at least the popcorn and drinks are expensive. Only so many nights can be spent eating out, and after you've done Chinese, Mexican, sushi, American, drive in, dine in, and take-out you're out of ideas. Well, if you're the Bulb Hunter, you ask your girl to put on her blue jeans and go collect rain lily seeds with you. That is what Rebecca and I did on one of our first dates.  I wish the weather had been nicer (it was blistering hot) but she must have had a good time because that was just the beginning of our exciting journey!

About a year ago, I had the chance to collect pink rain lily seeds from a really nice stand in College Station, TX. These were rain lilies that I had seen blooming four years earlier right before The New York Times ran a story on my life as the Bulb Hunter. They were blooming again (really every year since and several times a year) when I had the chance to collect more seed. I asked Rebecca to come along too.

There are many rain lilies that bloom all across the world, but few put on the show of Habranthus robustus. This pink rain lily will bloom 4 to 6 times in one summer, not minding the heat or humidity. They can be seen performing in shady areas and in full sun. These larger rain lily bulbs quickly clump and spread, offering a showy display in an otherwise dormant summer garden. The light pink showy displays make great borders often seen from afar.


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