Dinner Plate Heirloom Bulb Series


These are a must have for anyone who values heirloom bulb art and ceramics. Ann Swan images come alive as they are tastefully displayed in plate designs that bridge the gap between botanical tradition and contemporary culinary leanings. Don't Forget!...

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Small Dishes/ Ingredient Bowls


All four heirloom bulb images come together in this petite collection of porcelains that are great for attractive ways to display ingredients, or for help cooking in the kitchen. The dishes are small--just a little larger than a silver dollar coin. All...

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Salad Bowl- Heirloom Bulb Series


Pick up these large bowls, and you can feel the quality and durability. Ann's drawings are artfully screened for an aesthetic delight which will match your culinary delight that you have assuredly prepared! Don't Forget! All Jersey Pottery is dishwasher...