Tulipa 'Tschimganica' - 5 bulbs


Like many of our species tulips, we choose Tschimganica (chim-GAN-ih-kuh) as the best options as perennials for us in the Southern United States.  We love them because they don't need the typical chilling hours that the conventional large...

Tulipa clusiana 'Tinka' - 10 bulbs


The Tinka tulip and I have a four year history on the farm. While some bulbs have made it and some have not, I am glad to say that the Tinka tulip has multiplied and bloomed year after year. I am sure the gophers would have eaten it had they been able to...

Tulipa 'Pink Impression' - 10 bulbs


The beautiful dark pink-to-red Tulipa 'Pink Impression' will amaze your neighbors and bring you pleasure in your garden or when you cut them and bring them indoors. They are very similar to the 'Van Eijk' tulip. These are the tulips that I line my...

Tulipa bakeri 'Lilac Wonder' - 10 bulbs


'Lilac Wonder' tulip displays soft lilac/pink petals with a strong yellow base in a combination that will take your breath away. It hasn't been as tough as the other species tulips we have tried. I suggest growing this bulb if you are located in the more...

Gift Kit - Tulip Forcing Kit (Small)


  Tulips Forcing Kit! (1 Bulb in a Terracotta Pot) We love these gift sets because they brighten up the house or patio the second they arrive and are planted. Visitors will say "I love that pot, where did you get it?"  A few weeks later, as...