Tulipa praecox "Texas Tulip" - 2 bulbs


Tulipa praecox No Digging, No Chilling. Finally, after years of research, consultations with top horticulturists and many hours on the road, a tulip long-forgotten in commercial production and marked by historical significance has been...

Tulipa clusiana var. Tubergen's Gem - 15 bulbs


'Tubergen's Gem' is a jewel of a flower with a velvet like dark yellow and red yellow combination of petals. The Tubergen's is another mid-to-late March bloomer along with the other tulips. Perhaps it has only a slightly different form and style from the...

Tulipa clusiana var. Chrysantha


'Chrysantha' tulip opens with a peach colored outer petal and beautifully unfurls into a curved star-shaped, rich-yellow colored bloom. Now I am a little bit of a bulb nut, so please understand when I say that I could possibly enjoy the bud stage more...

Tulipa clusiana 'Lady Jane' - 10 bulbs


  'Lady Jane' blooms in mid-March with a bold impact on the landscape shouting spring. It is one of our most sought after bulbs, and is normally thought of as a species tulip although its exact classification is not with the rest of the species...

Tulipa 'Van Eijk' - 10 bulbs


Dark pink-to-red mid-spring bloomer is sure to add "pop!" to your garden. Makes a terrific border or stand-alone display. Provides a lovely, single- year bloom (not perennial). Pre-chilled bulbs!   Contact [email protected] to be on the...

Gift Kit - Tulip Forcing Kit (Small)


  Tulips Forcing Kit! (1 Bulb in a Terracotta Pot) We love these gift sets because they brighten up the house or patio the second they arrive and are planted. Visitors will say "I love that pot, where did you get it?"  A few weeks later, as...