Tulipa clusiana var. Tubergen's Gem - 20 bulbs


'Tubergen's Gem' is a jewel of a flower with a velvet like dark yellow and red yellow combination of petals. The Tubergen's is another mid-to-late March bloomer along with the other tulips. Perhaps it has only a slightly different form and style from the...

Tulipa clusiana 'Lady Jane' - 20 bulbs


Tulips are recognized the world over for their beauty and bright colors welcoming the spring after a long winter. Species tulips are different from the larger hybrid tulips. Species tulips are shorter with smaller cups and more likely to naturalize and...

Tulipa bakeri 'Lilac Wonder' - 20 bulbs


'Lilac Wonder' tulip displays soft lilac/pink petals with a strong yellow base in a combination that will take your breath away. It hasn't been as tough as the other species tulips we have tried. I suggest growing this bulb if you are located in the more...

Tulipa clusiana 'Tinka' - 20 bulbs


The Tinka tulip and I have a four year history on the farm. While some bulbs have made it and some have not, I am glad to say that the Tinka tulip has multiplied and bloomed year after year. I am sure the gophers would have eaten it had they been able to...

Tulipa clusiana var. Chrysantha


'Chrysantha' tulip opens with a peach colored outer petal and beautifully unfurls into a curved star-shaped, rich-yellow colored bloom. Now I am a little bit of a bulb nut, so please understand when I say that I could possibly enjoy the bud stage more...

Tulipa praecox "Texas Tulip" - 2 bulbs


Tulipa praecox No Digging, No Chilling. Finally, after years of research, consultations with top horticulturists and many hours on the road, a tulip long-forgotten in commercial production and marked by historical significance has been...