Crinum Lilies

Crinum 'Ellen Bosanquet' (Regular) - 1 bulb


These crinum are an extremely tough bulb that offer burgundy flowers during the hottest parts of our summer months.  They are valued for their color and ability to keep their form in the heat. They produce numerous blooms that stand atop strong...

Crinum 'Summer Nocturne' - 3 bulbs


This bulb has a sweet fragrance that will knock your socks off! I would suggest planting it with the top 1/3 of the bulb above the ground.A blush colored crinum with nice rosettes of foliage, the 'Summer Nocturne' blooms well throughout the summer from...

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Crinum 'J.C. Harvey' (Regular) - 1 bulb


  Quick to multiply with beautiful trumpet pink blooms in the middle of summer! Crinum JC Harvey is a delight as it is strong enough to survive the worst conditions of the South, as well as offer beautiful cut flowers to take inside. Here at the...

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Crinum 'Milk & Wine Lily' (Regular) - 1 bulb


    Many of our crinums start to come into full bloom in May and that includes the milk and wine crinum lilies.  This is one of the first crinums to bloom every summer. Established bulbs send up 2-3 stalks with multiple...

Crinum 'Bradley' (Regular) - 1 bulb


  After years in propagation at The Southern Bulb Company, we're proud to continue to offer very healthy bulbs to our customers. The Crinum 'Bradley' opens wide her petals to unfurl in a pink masterpiece. The fragrance is subtly pleasing,...

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Crinum 'Jagus' (Regular) - 1 bulb


- WARNING: Frost Tender Variety - Zones 6-8b or colder may harm bulb. Perhaps has the best foliage of all crinums, with an oversized attractive white bloom to add to its splendor. Very handsome in garden settings with extremely clean foliage that stands...

Crinums come in many different colors, bloom times, and bloom habits! Some are tropical while others are cold hardy to Zone 7. Enjoy this page and let us know if you have any questions!