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Gift Kit - Tulip Forcing Kit (Medium)


Tulips Forcing Kit! (3 Bulbs in a Terracotta Pot) We love these gift sets because they brighten up the house or patio the second they arrive and are planted. Visitors will say "I love that pot, where did you get it?"  A few weeks later, as the...

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Tulipa 'Purissima' - 5 bulbs


Easy to grow good for beds, borders,  impact:  plant 10+ bulbs together or mixed in with other flowering spring bulbs.  long display strong stem If planted correctly, The 'Purissima' Tulip (formely known as the 'White Emperor')...

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Tulipa 'Pink Impression' - 5 bulbs


The beautiful dark pink-to-red Tulipa 'Pink Impression' will amaze your neighbors and bring you pleasure in your garden or when you cut them and bring them indoors. They are very similar to the 'Van Eijk' tulip. These are the tulips that I line my...

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Tulipa clusiana var. Chrysantha - 20 bulbs


'Chrysantha' tulip opens with a peach colored outer petal and beautifully unfurls into a curved star-shaped, rich-yellow colored bloom. Now I am a little bit of a bulb nut, so please understand when I say that I could possibly enjoy the bud stage more...

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Caladium 'Red Flash' - 3 tubers


June is a fun time of year! Different crinum and rain lilies continue to pop into bloom, but the staples that keep texture and color all the time right now are our caladiums.  I've come to appreciate their function and form and what it brings...

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Farm Tour- March 21, 2024


If you’ve been wanting to see the Southern Bulb Farm, now is your chance! Join us on Thursday, March 21st for our spring tour! It may not be Holland - in fact, you might say it looks more like an East Texas sweet potato farm - but we will have...

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Yes, You can Grow Roses - Judy Barrett


Inside the front cover: " Most gardeners have tried, with more or less success, to grow roses. For a plant that has been in cultivation all over the world for millennia, roses have an oddly persistent reputation for  being finicky and disease-prone,...

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