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  • Available Now! (Pack of 1) A wonderfully tough white crinum. Can be planted through the fall in the South before winter sets in.Zones 7-10

Crinum powellii Album - 'White Crinum Lily'

Current Stock:
Crinum x powellii 'Album'
1 Bulb
Shipping Period:
March 15 - September 15
Bloom Period:
Early to mid summer
Bloom size:
4" Lily-shaped trumpets
Planting Depth:
Over the top of the bulb
Soil Type:
Full sun to part shade
3-4 feet
Deer resistant

Product Description

The white crinum lily has to be one of my favorites. It is tough, and repeatedly blooms prolific three to four foot scapes with numerous flowers from spring throughout most of the summer. The robust foliage of this crinum curves a little more than others, but it is a nice glossy green and does not look bad. 

Crinum powellii comes in two different colors, pink and white. It is one of the most cold hardy of all the crinums, but that in no way means that it can not stand the heat. Some of the toughest, oldest crinums we have are Crinum powelii. I was in South Carolina at a plantation where I saw one blooming in the middle of a VERY hot and humid day. We also grow a white form that we have from the original home of a Texas Revolutionary War fighter who moved the crinum from his original home in Georgia.
During the winter, as most crinums do in colder areas, the foliage will die down completely. This opens up an opportunity to plant other winter growing bulbs to hide the foliage and barren stalks of the crinum. Lycoris radiata, Narcissus tazetta Grand Primo, and other strong winter bulb foliage plants are good choices and allow you to pack in more color into more spaces.


- The Bulb Hunter

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