Double Orange Daylily - 5 Fleshy Roots


Have you ever been overwhelmed by the amount of daylily varieties on the market and wondered about their ability to survive in YOUR garden? The thought crosses your mind that all you really want is the one that does so well in so many of the country...

Gladiolus byzantinus 'Byzantine Gladiolus' - 3 bulbs


One of the best performers in April is the true heirloom Byzantine gladiolus (Gladiolus byzantinus). This bulb (technically, it is called a corm) can be used to spruce up ditches and other hard-to-garden areas. Great color and texture combinations...

White Ginger Lily - 3 rhizomes


There are several names for the "White Ginger Lily". See which one you have heard...Hedychium consanguineum, Hedychium coronarium, 'White Butterfly', Garland Flower, Hardy Ginger Lily, Hardy White Butterfly Ginger Lily, White Butterfly Ginger Lily, White...

Caladium 'Pinky Swear' - 3 tubers


 June is a fun time of year! Different crinum and rain lilies continue to pop into bloom, but the staples that keep texture and color all the time right now are our caladiums.  I've come to appreciate their function and form and what it brings...

Lilium formosanum Tall 'Philippine Lily' - Four 4" pots


White Philippine lilies (Lilium formosanum), known also as the Formosa Lily, are great summer blooming lilies for Southern US gardens.  They produce viable seed from their flowers; thus, there is a high degree of variability in the selections...

Heirloom "Incomparable" Daffodil - 10 bulbs


The "Incomparable" daffodil is known scientifically as Narcissus incomparabilis and the elegance of these daffodils is unparalleled. The heirloom Narcissus “Incomparable” has a subtle and refined petal/trumpet combination and a reliability...

Heirloom 'Twin Sisters' - 10 bulbs


Twin Sisters or April Beauty: The same Beautiful April Bloomer Narcissus x medioluteus   Above is a short introduction video to this April blooming beauty.   March offers many opportunities for garden color, but as April approaches,...

Heirloom 'Butter and Eggs' - 10 bulbs


     Heirloom Double Daffodils – Butter and Eggs and 3 Common Questions Answered What you need to know about double bloom daffodils and how heirloom double daffodils like “Butter and Eggs” stack up against some of...

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Heirloom 'Golden Dawn' - 10 bulbs


  Our ‘Golden Dawn’ been blooming since the beginning of March, peaked in mid March, and are still going as we head into April. Not every year has been this spectacular with 'Golden Dawn', but this one certainly was. They pick up...

Heirloom 'Texas Star' - 10 bulbs


In Texas, we have the saying "Don't mess with Texas." This is to encourage others not to underestimate the strength and resilience of Texans. This saying certainly applies to our Narcissus bulb this week which embodies those traits of strength and...

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Heirloom 'Van Sion' - 10 bulbs


Van Sion is another double daffodil with a little more green in the mixture and according to the 1969 Classified List and International Register of Daffodil names published by the Royal Horticulture Society is synonymous with Narcissus ‘Telamonius...

Daffodil 'Thalia' - 5 bulbs


One of our favorite white daffodil flowers is 'Thalia', a late white daffodil that means that spring is wrapping up, and we're heading into summer. This bulb is extremely dependable and has been around since 1916! This white on white star shaped daffodil...

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