Hymenocallis acutifolia - 1 bulb


Hymenocallis acutifolia is similar to the tropical giant but has more pointed leave and blooms in late summer through the fall in the Southern United States.  The white, spidery blooms measure almost 1 foot from tip to tip and sit atop the...

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Hymenocallis maximiliani - 1 bulb


 Hymenocallis maximiliani - Large bulb Hymenocallis maximiliani is similar to the 'Tropical Giant', growing 3' tall and in a 3' clump of leaves; however, it has more narrow leaves and the foliage is glossier. Its petals are slender and an...

White Spider Lily (Lycoris albiflora)


Lycoris albiflora The white spider lilies (Lycoris albiflora) are often seen blooming at the same time and in the same regions as the red spider lily (Lycoris radiata). In fact, they look very similar to the red spider lily, except that they are...

Tulipa praecox "Texas Tulip" - 2 bulbs


Tulipa praecox No Digging, No Chilling. Finally, after years of research, consultations with top horticulturists and many hours on the road, a tulip long-forgotten in commercial production and marked by historical significance has been...

Ground Orchid - 1 gal pot


The terrestrial ground orchid (Bletilla striata) is also known as the Chinese ground orchid or hyacinth orchid. I am excited to have it in the inventory, because it satisfies one question I often receive: “Do you have any bulbs that do well in the...

White Ginger Lily - 3 tubers


Hedychium coronarium This fragrant beauty graces some of the most charming and historic landscapes across the south. Imagine the famous painter Audubon pinching off a flower as he walked along the gardens of Oakley Plantation, where he taught art as a...

Prairie Sunset Rain Lily


Currently Unavailable Contact [email protected] to be on the waiting list for this product. This coral and yellow rain lily will bloom 3 to 5 times in one summer, not minding the heat or humidity. They can be seen performing in partially shady...

Giant Prairie Lily


Currently Unavailable Contact [email protected] to be on the waiting list for this product. Zephyranthes drummondiiThese are native rain lily bulbs dubbed by late 19th century Texas nurserymen as the “giant prairie lily.” Extremely tough and...

Habranthus robustus 'Pink Rain Lily' - Four 4" pots


Pink Rain Lilies in 4" Pot Each pot contains 3-5 pink rain lilies (Habranthus robustus) and will be shipped in their pots. When box arrives, open and water immediately.  Habranthus robustus multiply quickly by seed or multiplication. There are...

Zephyranthes citrina 'Yellow Rain Lily' - four 4" pots


We most often see Zephyranthes citrina blooming in Houston and other areas along the Gulf Coast, such as St. Petersburg, Florida. One of the first places I remember seeing them bloom was in the historic neighborhood of The Heights in Houston. That is...

White Labuffarosa Rain Lily


Zephyranthes labufaroseaThere is perhaps no more wonderful way to grace your summer gardens than with the impressive blooms of this late August/September blooming rain lily. Late summer rain showers will trigger the first of 3-4 blooms showing light pink...

Some of these products are available now, and some are not currently available. Many are simply out of stock for the season. We want to leave the information up so that you can look at the pretty pictures and are able to plan ahead in your garden. If there is something that is currently out of stock, please feel free to send an email to [email protected], and we will be glad to put your name on our waiting list.